Dear Residents,
As you know, there has been a temporary change in our Maintenance Protocol to help protect the health and safety of our community, residents, and employees here at Tandem during the watch for Coronavirus. In an effort to continue to minimize exposure between employees and the community, health officials suggest instilling social distancing protocols wherever applicable. 
Moving forward, we ask that if you are feeling unwell, that you:
  • Limit your exposure to the office staff by utilizing online resources for paying rent & submitting maintenance requests, and by corresponding with management via email and phone.
  • Let your housemates know so that they can ensure heightened safety protocols and be able to help follow the new maintenance protocol
Even if you are not feeling unwell, remember to please:
  • ���� Follow proper coughing & sneezing etiquette, especially when indoors and around others 
  • ���� Practice good hand hygiene at all times
  • ���� Utilize the rent & key drop off box when applicable
Please rest assured that employees will also be following CDC-suggested health and safety protocols to help protect our communities as well. 

If there are any changes to management office hours and/or procedures we email you ASAP.
Thank you for your continued and heightened involvement in our community safety efforts during this time.
Tandem Properties