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Graduate Student Housing at The Atriums

If your rigorous study program makes you feel like you spend your time living on the UC Davis campus, The Atriums on-campus housing community offers a way to make that busy student lifestyle a bit more enjoyable. Designed specifically with the graduate student in mind, this well-planned, UC Davis on-campus housing community is located right on the UC Davis campus directly across from Trader Joe's and Starbucks. Come home to a welcoming complex right on campus at the end of your busy day. If you enjoy a private and tranquil environment, The Atriums is your place to live!


The management here are some of the best in Davis, and I have lived at several spots in Davis so I can tell you from experience. If you report something as broken or needing maintenance, they will get on it extremely fast and usually have it taken care of by the same day.A Resident of The Atriums on Davis Wiki

Still Need Housing? Lease a Room on Campus!

La Rue Park Individual Lease Program still has limited space available. Utilities, Internet, and FREE Parking Included. Short-term lease options available! Don't miss out on this great deal!

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